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Boat Dock Builders 

Marine 1 Source is the Most Trusted Boat Dock Builders

Marine 1 Source has earned a reputation that relates to their experience and professionalism. It is not only one or two guys doing a summertime project. This outstanding business has managers, a field staff, along with a support team. Everyone works together when called out for dock building. People who use the docks daily trust Marine 1 Source with the team they built. Together, Mathis and Smith had a vision or a dream of dock building and repairing and made it real. When a group of this magnitude comes together to do a job, the perfectionists shine like the glistening water on a beautiful sunny day. Dock building and repairing have the same outcome when these guys do a job. The customers and the people who enjoy the boat docks get the highest quality available. Every project exceeds expectations. They have the best technology and equipment to get the task done accurately every time.

Boat dock builders are not much more different than deck builders. The only difference is one is over the water, and the other is built on the land. Boat dock builders know their jobs and have plenty of skill and human resources to build a boat dock to perfection. They start with planning after discussing it with the client. They communicate to get the exact construction the way the customer wants it built. The boat dock builders will determine the height considering the boats that will come up to dock. The proper height and size are critical. Poles are drove in the lake bed  with extreme caution. All poles must remain at the same level. This takes knowledge and skill. Last, the frames are set up along with the planks. Many docks have coverings for people to sit under for shade. It also makes a great place to fish or throw a party.

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