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Dock Repair

A Service Company That Delivers Experience On Dock Repair

Marine 1 Source is a dock repair and builder company that services Lake Sinclair, Lake Oconee, and Lake Jackson. The complete services they offer are building new docks, dock repair, building and repairing boat lifts, building and repairing seawalls, and cleaning up debris in the lakes, plus more services are available upon request. Jeremy Mathis and Chad Smith are the founders and owners of Marine 1 Source. Dock repair is one of the primary services they handle in the lakes. They have built a team that is a high performance, safe, experienced, and well trained. Dock repair is always a strong need for the safety of everyone who uses the docks. People park their boats, fish off the dock, and have a nice place to hang out and enjoy the view. Any sign of damage is critical to repair in a hurry. No one wants to fall in the lake and get hurt from loose or broken boards.

Boat docks over time can wear and tear like anything created by man. Since it sits over the water, even the treated wood can get damaged. Sometimes the boat docks get bumped a little too hard. A few times, which is rare, but people will outweigh the boat docks limit capacity. When this happens, boards get loose or even break. Due to safety issues, Marine 1 Source comes to the rescue immediately to keep the people safe. Those who use the boat docks daily know the party life and the culture that comes with the location. They are peaceful and fun to do almost anything. It offers much attraction.

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