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Lake Debris Clean Up

Marine 1 Source Handles Lake Debris Clean Up

Building and repairing boat docks is not the only thing we do. We also operate lake debris clean up projects. Many people, unfortunately, like to litter our beautiful lakes. We do our best not to let anything build-up, and when we see trash, we pick it up. Sometimes there is the trash that is not easy to pick up or anyone's fault. There are all sorts of things that can happen that require a lake debris clean up. Storms cause the most damage and cleanups. A tornado or hurricane can throw objects from miles away, and it can land in the water. The creatures that live in the water can get harmed in the debris that lands in the water, so we act quickly when called.

There is an annual lake maintenance program for many lakes where we may be called in one time or more a year for a good clean up of the lake and surrounding banks. Trash and pollution can accumulate over time, and what looks like beautiful nature can take a turn for the worse if left unattended. This is where we come and not only do service for the owners but also the environment. It is our service, but it is also a way to give back to the people who enjoy the scenery, and all the lakes have to offer. Life is also spared as we handle up lake maintenance. Thousands of creatures in the water appreciate it as much as the landowners and those who admire nature. They are needed but can overpower a lake if left unserviced.

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